Committed to excellence in education

Our aim is to support teachers to gain the expertise they need to achieve the best outcomes for children and young people.

A collective voice for the teaching profession

By joining as a Founding Member of the Chartered College, teachers will have the opportunity to build their own professional body and shape the future of teaching.

Founding Membership is Open

 At this early stage, Founding Membership offers you the chance to help shape the Chartered College. We want to work with teachers to effect change across the education landscape.

Becoming a Founding Member gives you an unprecedented opportunity not only to help build the Chartered College but also to join us in shaping the future of the teaching profession.

Our members will benefit from:

  • Access to over 2,000 full text journals, ebooks, research and materials covering a broad range of education issues and subject-specific topics
  • Entry to one of our inaugural conferences in February 2017 to hear from teachers and leaders in the education sector (subject to availability)
  • An opportunity to become involved in our emerging regional communities, locally-led groups sharing evidence-informed practice to address local issues

All of this, for £39* a year, that’s 75p a week.

*£29 if you are a member of a partner organisation

Founding Member Criteria

To begin with, Founding Membership will be open to teachers, however, additional membership options will be launched in the coming weeks.

To become a Founding Member you will need:

  • To hold a degree qualification or equivalent; and
  • To be a teacher or school leader currently professionally engaged in teaching in early years, school, college or post-16 setting.

How to Become a Founding Member

Complete our application online to join as a Founding Member today.

Membership is subject to our membership terms and conditions.