Kathryn Morgan

Deputy Head Teacher
North Solihull Primary School

Kathryn is currently in her 11th year of teaching and is an acting Deputy Head in a North Solihull Primary School, teaching in upper Key Stage Two. Having taught in four schools, each serving highly disadvantaged areas and with different Ofsted ratings, Kathryn has been fortunate to have experienced a rich and varied start to her career (along with nine Ofsted inspections!). With a keen interest in developments in teaching and learning and the impact of professional development on colleague well-being and pupil outcomes, she is a huge advocate of both the Teacher Development Trust and the work of John Hattie, having previously worked in a Visible Learning case-study school. Kathryn completed her MaST in 2012 and, for a short period, held a PD accreditation with the NCETM between 2014-15.

Kathryn Morgan will be speaking at:

Teacher Panel: Why being brave is important

2017/02/16 14:15 - 15:15

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